Unfair Proposal


When I hear the word 'wedding proposal', I automatically think about the scene where a guys getting on his knee popping the question to the girl with a ring on his hand "Would you marry me?". In some movies, for some people, that's just the most romantic thing ever. To me, that's just the most patriarch thing to do in this modern, gender equality concern world.

Marriage is the effort of two people. Not one person asking the other one to join in. So the proposal should be mutual. It should be a serious discussion between the mature couple to talk about their future. Whether their relationship is heading on the same direction. Whether they are on the same page on this. Not just some casual stuff you ask in a baseball game where all eyes were on you like you have no right to think it over, let alone reject. Because one thing is clear, one person have more time to think and decide than the other. The girls might have their lifetime waiting for this moment, but that doesn't mean they don't need the same amount of time to consider the question. Aren't the guys spent months and years to come to this decision? Just because the question is decorated with dozen of roses, champagne and candlelight that doesn't mean the girls have to answer (yes) right away.

So,in short. I find the wedding proposal ritual is outrageous.


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