Santuary in the Office

Well there's no such thing as 'sanctuary' when it comes to work place. Work place is work place, it's suppose to be un-peaceful (unless you are working in the cemetry, or a curch, or Googleplex). As much as I love my job, there are times when I need a little zen to sooth me down and avoid stress, and this is what I do:

A cup of hot drink is always the answer, be it a cup of sweet tea, coffee with milk, or in my case Teh Tarik and Cereal Drink. Sipping from the oversize mug in the chilly breeze of the air-conditioner is the next best thing if we cannot be in a garden cafe in Spring *sigh. If the weather is the opposite of breezy, then I switched to cold fruit juice??

Cuppa Tea

To create soothing environment is to indulge the senses. When the taste bud has been served with the delicate taste of the Tea with Milk, I need to indulge my sight too. Thankfully I have just the best office spot with a wide glass window overlooking the lush-green of Gambir area and the backyard of luxurious Hotel as a bonus from 18floor above ground. If you are not that??privileged, or if I find the view outside is too stressful with the traffic jam, haze and??striking??afternoon sun, I can always turn to Mr. Google to find me the best view to??contemplate to.

Certain scent can bring certain mood and even transfer??ourselves??to certain memory or a place. I keep a fragrance bottle the smell of light, fresh waterlilly. Somehow it reminds me of a trickling freshwater stream in a meadow, or the smell of freshly cleaned room in a??Sunday??morning with the smell of grass blown by the wind through the window…….ah very peaceful.??

Lotus Bloom

Another soothing stuff I own in the office is my potted plant, this time a Violet – White Violet with rich furred leaves in a lime yellow plastic pot. isn't she a beauty. You can find me watering her from my own glass of water every now and then. After all, she needs to be kept in the shade and with a lot of water.??


All of those will be ruined if you still hear the crackling noise of the printer, the honking cars outside or the shouting colleagues. So plug it up with your favorite tunes.

When all that doesn't work. My last escapade is the ladies room. In that mall-like toilet in my floor, not many people come in (cos there's not that many female co-workers) so it's quiet. It's warmer than the ac induced air in the work space. It's the perfect spot to just contemplate, read glossy magazine or….doze off a bit 😉

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