Follow Tuesday

I love the ‘follow’ system in wordpress, this way I dont have to open multiple blogs just to check on new posts. 

The first month I was in WordPress I only followed my friend’s blog which is very few now that most of them ‘migrated’ to microblogging and instan messaging :(. Determine to make my WordPress Reader a livelier place to where I go every morning or whenever I need to escape the real world

Thus I start to look, one blog I already followed is a WP, once I follwed hers suggested blogs start to come up and more interesting ones. So these are some blogs I just followed just to give you some ideas….

Doddlemum…yes people, illustrator does exist and this one appear in the shape of a reguler mom. It still amazes me how she is able to capture the everyday events into and artsy ilustration that reminds of Roald Dahl’s world

Going Dutch….to feed the nostalgic side of my body I clicked on her blog and loved it. It’s not just about Netherland, but it also about the live of a migrant woman who marry and have children with local. Her photos and writtings is soothing really. 

Amateur Chef.…ok I honestly haven’t read his blog yet, but it has food pictures and his posts seems very understandable for a commoner like moi -who has the passion to cook but not the ability (yet)

and these blogs might also be interesting to be followed

Jump for Joy Project – Collection of jumping photos 

Bucket List Publication – travelling journey of an adventurous mom



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