My Kinda Movie

I have two kinds of favorite movie, the one I’d like to watch over and over again, and the one that really got me the first time I watched, got me thinking, crying, laughing and all but never want to watch again just because it’s too intense, too personal.

Notting Hill, You’ve Got Mail, Cars, are among those in the first category. Tell me it’s on tv and I’m booked for the night. I will smile on the same scene, laugh, cry and gasp.

The Interpreter, Inception, Rattaouille are those movies I’m reluctant to watch the second time. Because I already know the highs and lows and when it’s gonna happen. I don’t want to see it again, the way I don’t want to experience highschool all over again. It’s good, I know, but let it be a good memory that belongs to the past.

Beautiful Creature falls on that category, the second one.

In each and every movie that involves a love story, I always manage to find flaws. Even in Notting Hill and You’ve Got Mail. The girl is too perfect, the romance is too much, the story is too predictable, too American, too unrealistic, too cheesy, too mush fantasy, too good to be true.

Beautiful Creature is perfect. It has all the ingredients in just the right amount. Just right.

It has fantasy, romance, good quotes, heart breaking scenes, scene that make you blush, good actor and acresses, interior, costume, tears, humor, evil, surprises, positivity,quirkiness and a good ending.

But do I want to watch it again? No thank you, It’d be too painful. I took it to personally.




3 thoughts on “My Kinda Movie

  1. Tiap kali habis nonton film drama percintaan ala amrik (you name it) buntutnya pasti membuat aku bertanya2: pria2 semacam itu, do they exist in real life? Kayaknya kok ga ada ya, ehehehe… Tapi aku tetep suka nonton film2 macam itu :p

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