Lesson Learned

ON GETTING INSPIRATIONFlood yourself with informations, it might feel overwhelming, but at some point you will grasp the big picture and start getting idea on where to start, how to categorize and how to prioritize

If your heart says it’s ready, regardless of schedule and equipment, then go ahead ! Pick bits and pieces along the way and learn from everything. Remember, you’ve been in many situation and you survived, so the skill is in you

Don’t panic, don’t get into the situation. Look at the big picture, believe that there’s always a way out and you are never alone. To calm your nerve down: imagine how you’d laugh at this situation once it’s over.

First of all trust yourself, that you have the ability to adapt. That there’s always a place for everyone everywhere, you just have to look or create one. Open your mind, eyes, ears and smile. Let everything flow right in without any judgement. Soon you will find one or two things that might suit you and start from there, be it a friend, a house, a host, a music, a meal or even a job.

I know how you like to juggle things and tend to everything at once. But you know how that goes: messy. Try to pick the most urgent task and finish it, one at a time. Things can wait, people can wait, the world is not over because of it. The feeling of triumph once you accomplish them all is precious isn’t it

Trust your judgement on this one. It never fails you. You never meant to put stereotype on people but admit it, sometimes you could tell one’s personality just by looking at the way they look, talk and move (or at least who they remind you of). And you can tell almost right away if you two can get along. And if your gut decided that they are not your type of clique, you don’t have to hate them or avoid them. Just don’t step on each other borderline.

If you must get along with people you don’t really get. Or you really want to get along with people you really like, don’t be yourself. At least not your harsh, stubborn, loner self. Go with their flow, be funny when they are, be sympathetic when they are, try to understand what they like, listen much, question little, make statement less, do your part as best as you could, withheld your identity, reveal few and don’t spend too much time yet.

No more wait and no more shy. While still being humble most of the time, take the first chance to speak up if you think they could appreciate your thought. Do not argue, simply put your point across and open your mind for input and critics. You know heated conversation and showing off never take you anywhere. So calm down, pretend they don’t know anything and speak your mind.

Who says a loner can’t be a number one on something. If everybody is fighting tooth and nail in one competition, take another. Or better yet, make one. Take a path you are most comfortable with and do your best. Winning feels so much better when you created the race.

This is probably the worst state you can think of, it’s not death, nor being broke. It’s being the center of attention where people look at you in dismay or even laughing. It’s dreadful I know, but think of it this way, they can only humiliate you if you let them to. Rest assure that they wouldn’ t be laughing if they are in your shoes. So stop the show, smile a little and compose yourself. let them know that this is not to be laughed at/ to look at, you don’t even have to explain your situation. If they are smart enough, they will be embarrassed for embarrassing you and realize that what they do is immature.

Be invisible. It works! By not being on the spotlight you are able to observe things, getting people’s sympathy in the gentlest way, work hard without offending anyone, lacking behind without being noticed, winning unexpectedly and losing without too much embarrassment.


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