So I’m older….

I find myself coming back this post again and again. I wrote it 10 years a go and surprisingly I still have the same dream and still pursuing them….

Saturday, June 05, 2004

So I’m younger…

I am turning 22 soon, I thought I had lotsa interesting experiences already. But I am wrong after all. Among my (new) friends, in which I am the youngest, I feel like I have not done anything intresting compare to what they have. I wonder, what kept me from doing those fun, adventuorus stuff? Nothing really! The chat I had with some of my colleagues make me realize how many great things i’ve missed that i should have experienced:

– Scuba diving or Snorkeling in the beautifull beaches in Thai (Ko chang, Hua Hin)
– Renting bungalow with friends by the beaches for the whole weekend
– Doing voluntary work for humanitarian cause
– Doing survey on Master degree program
– Having affiliation in some organization
– Camping in the wild (not anytime soon)
– Travelling around SE asia and Indonesia (other than Bali for God’s sake!)
– Having my ‘work’ published
– Mastering (if not too much to ask) another widely-spoken language(french/german/mandarin)

And a lot more. I would add on or cross out points from time to time, as I find or have done something new. Hum.. I think thats enough for a start…


So what have I done since then?

– I did a couple (mini) snorkeling in Tanjung Lesung, Bali, Belitung and Pulau Seribu. I don’t thing it’s a real snorkeling though, cos I never really dive deeper than the surface and explore the coral reef. And I missed the chance to do diving in Bali and chose seawalking instead.
– I think we had a beach vacation for a couple times but mostly with our family or some friends from the office on one of our biztrips. But mostly it was a hotel room. We definitely have to do the bungalow holiday some time.
– Oh I finally did it, pursuing post-graduate degree in Indonesia, not abroad as i hav pictured it. But it still a hard work in progress
– uhm…nope I’m not in any way affiliated with sny organization. I’m a registered member of WWF, and PPI but I’ve never been actively involved in it. Need to find something out of my passion and really pursue it.
– I have to try it one day, but I can’t seem to find the gut
– I’ve been to Singapore, KL, Thailand but I still haven’t been to the exotic parts; Vietnam, Myanmar, Philipine
– nope….still not getting there. A few article here and there doesn’t make up for it. A book, I need to publish a book
– sheezz…..I’m nowhere near mastering anything. I did a beginer class in French and quit, almost losing Dutch, and nothing Thai. I’m so bad at this, yet this is my real passion.

if I may add a few, I would want to do this one of these days:
– Doing homecook/baking and being really good at it
– Taking art class, painting, waterpainting, music, dance, anything….please

– Homestaying in the village in other country; Korea, Japan, etc
– Producing vegetable from one’s own garden
– Living abroad as staying home spouse