10 Things Why Interior Design Image is Absurd

We know how much we love staring at those Interior design images of cozy living room, cool working space and adorable kids bedroom. But let’s not be detached from reality here. When you actually looking for inspiration for your own home, consider these facts (or absurdity):

  1. Those homes has most probably been designed by profesional. In other word; a stranger has created that look for someone’s personal space. That’s like being naked and dressed by somebody else (but then again people does that too)
  2. Those space looks magnificent mostly because it’s clean and clutter free. Now let’s look back into our life, is that even possible to keep piles of clothes off the couch, or stacks of book from under the table, and even children toys all over the house. It’s impossible, to me that’s a house not worth living in.
  3. Notice that most of that bed in that picture were made in white plain linen to make the design pops out. Unless you live in a service apartment or in a hotel, that is never the case. At least not for me. Our bed spread is ranging from a motherly floral motif to a cartoon character. I challenge those interior designer to create a bedroom that manage to looks classy with those bed spread.
  4. Notice that tidbits of decoration in those homesr? Unlike yours and mine, most of them are freshly bought by the designer to liven up the space. To give it a (fake) personal touch. Because that chipped china urn you got from your grandma will not fit in a futuristic vibe of your living room.
  5. Take a closer look at those miss-match interior, how do they even put blue stripes and red floral to look good in one space? There must be one item that tie those color together, be it a painting, a rug, a cushion or a vase of flowers. Now what happen if that pillow case got dirty and had to be changed? Will the design still work?are you sure you want to be stuck with just one pillow case for the rest of your life? And talk about that flowers, unless you commit to buy the same color of flower everyday, that design will never work.
  6. Some items in that pictures are meant for a one time shoot only. Because let’s be honest, how long can you keep that pillow in straight lines, and what about that a rack full of ceramic figurines, what a waste of space IMO oh and those candles are not for burning ladies. It only serves a decorative purpose.
  7. That interior was not ready for pile of moving boxes, pets, screaming children and a family gathering. No
  8. Now talk about cleaning and maintenance. Let’s not forget that that velvet coach needs daily vacuuming, those floor-to-ceiling window needs washing, the many picture frames and statuets needs meticulous dusting and that fluffy carpet cause so much sneezing.
  9. Some designs are just not for living. I simply cannot imagine eating on that glossy wooden dining table, or lounging on that metal framed couch or cooking heavy meal in a kitchen so close to the bedroom or keeping a table runner in a counter full of jam, sauce and other condiment.
  10. Lastly, let’s consider cost and expenses. Some designs have hidden costs that play a big part ehancing their beauty. Talk about that overhead lighting and led lights, automatic doors, highly polished wooden floor, motor powered mini fountain, and of course profesional dry cleaner and housekeeper if you don’t mind.

So this is what I learn from looking at those interiors; don’t be fooled with those images, look for what works for you and your family. Consider practicality, functionality, cost and safety. If you decided to consult a designer, communicate everything to them and make sure their design really works for you. After all, you are going to live in that house most of your life, not them.